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Indian Head Massage

Relaxing and gentle on shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Fantastic for easing out long-held stress and tension, reducing insomnia, anxiety and high blood pressure. This massage improves clarity, focus and wellbeing.
Can be delivered with or without soothing scented oil on the skin, and either over the clothes or straight onto shoulders and neck and head.

Neals Yard Aromatherapy Facial

A soothing uplifting treatment for the face using high quality skin care products that cleanse, tone and nourish the skin and relax facial muscles – a great add-on to the Indian Head massage!

Neals Yard Aromatherapy Hand Reflexology Massage

A wonderful, comforting treatment to hands and wrists. Reflexology works by massaging pressure points on hands and feet that link to areas throughout the body. The combination of the carefully chosen aromatherapy oils and gentle manipulation conditions the skin, relieves arthritic pain in joints and promotes a feeling of relaxation.

Conditioning Footbath and Legwork

Blissful warm footbath with revitalising aromatherapy ingredients to soothe aching feet and calves, then conditioning lotion is massaged into feet and lower legs to combat dryness before guided gentle, seated exercises boost circulation and balance.

Individual Chair Yoga Session

A one to one session tailored to the individual, on its own or in tandem with another complimentary therapy to provide an uplifting holistic experience.

Holistic Treatments and Packages: Classes
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