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Chair Yoga

Accessible Yoga For Every Body

Chair Yoga: Welcome

What is Chair Yoga?

Adaptable and Simple.

Everybody can enjoy the many benefits of yoga and meditation whether they can get down onto a floor mat or not. We all have different levels of flexibility and mobility, from the top and bottom and the left and right sides of our bodies. Chair yoga is an extremely safe, gentle and efficient way to strengthen our muscles, improve balance, lung function and circulation. It alleviates stress, depression and anxiety by bringing stillness, calm and clarity to our minds.

During the session we are safely sat in our chair with no risk of falling. All yoga poses or asanas are adapted to be chair-based and tailored to individual levels of flexibility so we can all derive the benefit of each pose wherever we are. We encourage relaxing deep breathing techniques, pranayama, to regulate blood and oxygen flow around the muscles and also to reduce anxiety and lack of focus.

Yoga Mat and Straps
Chair Yoga: About

One to One Sessions

Have a focussed individual session at home,

Complimentary Therapies

Add in a soothing pampering treatment to feel even better

Group Sessions

Enjoy the sociability of a Yoga class with others.

Chair Yoga: Classes


Here’s What They’re Saying

Mum's stamina, flexibility and most importantly, her mood, were also enormously enhanced by the regular armchair yoga sessions and aromatherapy massages. On rare occasions Mum felt a little lethargic or tender in part of her body. Antonia was able to gently encourage Mum and expertly adapt the yoga session accordingly. Crucially, Mum would tell me afterwards that she was pleased to have taken part.

Oona Taylor

Sylvia really enjoyed and valued her chair yoga sessions and the aromatherapy sessions were a real treat and so beneficial to her. I can thoroughly recommend Antonia for her professionalism, cheerful and totally reliable attentions.

Elspeth Pinkney

We all looked forward to the classes Antonia put on each week in the conservatory at our block of flats. It was relaxing and fun but I could feel the movements giving my body a workout and I really liked the breathing techniques. And the fruit tea afterwards!

Kerstin Petersson

I thoroughly enjoy my online sessions with Antonia. They are chatty, relaxed and gentle. She guides me through postures in a flowing way so I feel secure and energised, She talks me through massaging my hands with aromatherapy oils and exercising them in a way that has really helped my arthritis.

Toni Williams

Chair Yoga: Testimonials
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